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CED Accelerator Program

CED Accelerator Program (CEDAP), a venture support initiative by the CED, aims to create an environment in which entrepreneurial ventures can flourish and help stimulate Pakistan's economy at large. The program will facilitate start-up ventures to grow fast by providing necessary mentoring from established entrepreneurs with vested interest in the success of the ventures, seed funding, infrastructure, environment and access to IBA network. The entrepreneurs will go through a rich experience of starting and launching a new venture.

CEDAP provides a community and educational support to strengthen the entrepreneurial abilities and improve the chances of success of young entrepreneurs – with their current and future ventures. This is accomplished with a collaborative effort – the CEDAP ecosystem – consisting of CEDAP participants, leaders, mentors, and invited guests. CEDAP ecosystem engages and inspires its participant, to allow them to make meaningful progress with their venture, and to help them become a more experienced, knowledgeable and confident entrepreneur. In addition, we offer several opportunities to expand their network.

  • sprit Mentoring

    Mentoring from expert faculty and entrepreneurs

  • sprit Problem Solving

    We provides major problem solving services to our incubates

  • sprit Brand Development

    Developing the strategies and values for your brand

  • sprit Seeding

    Access to angel investors & resources

Our Advisors and Mentors

  • Dr Shahid Qureshi Dr. Shahid Qureshi

    Director Centre for Entrepreneurial Development (CED)

  • Dr Kamran Mumtaz Dr. Kamran Mumtaz

    Head of CED Accelerator Program (CEDAP)

  • Dr Imran Khan Dr. Imran Khan

    Head of CED Accelerator Program (CEDAP)

  • Jamal Khan Jamal Khan

    Founder of Arpatech Pvt. Ltd (Mentor CEDAP)

  • Abid Butt Abid Butt

    CEO of e2e Supply Chain (CEDAP Mentor)

  • Nauman Amin Nauman Amin

    Assistant Professor Economics and Finance (CEDAP Mentor)

Line Of Services


    Workshops, progress presentations and meeting with the mentors and other experts each month to execute and review the plan of action


    Weekly workshops, progress presentations, guest speaker sessions and venture refinement meetings to meet venture growth targets


    Follow up meetings with the mentors and presentations each month to discuss the position and progress of the ventures

Our Ventures